Channel Zero Season 2.5: This Dream Door Is Better Left Unopened

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While you weren't looking, the latest chapter of the usually thrilling Syfy series, Channel Zero, has booked its return.

In an unusual move, Dream Door is considered the second half of Channel Zero Season 2 and will be airing all six of its episodes on succeeding days beginning October 26 through October 31.

Since the premiere of Channel Zero: Candle Cove, the series has done much to prove horror can be done well on network television. The key is short, focused seasons and an anthology format.

There needed to be a bump in the road eventually, and Dream Door doesn't live up to the others.

The Dream Door installment of Channel Zero is based upon a creepypasta short story titled "Hidden Door" by Charlotte Bywater.

From what I understand, there are liberties taken with all of the stories, so this review isn't a judgment on the original story that I haven't read. It's
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