Spotlight: Woody Harrelson's Charity Work

Spotlight: Woody Harrelson's Charity Work
Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated actor Woody Harrelson first hit our screens as the somewhat simple but always friendly bartender in Cheers. But since then he has gone on the become a favorite of the big screen, with appearances in Indecent Proposal, Natural Born Killers, and more recently Seven Ponds with Will Smith.

But in between starring in some of recent cinema’s most memorable movies, Harrelson has also become known as an environmental activist who is not scared to go out on a limb to save the planet.

He once scaled the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco with members of North Coast Earth First! group to unfurl a banner that read, “Aren’t ancient redwoods more precious than gold?” and traveled the American West Coast on a bike and domino caravan with a hemp oil-fueled biodiesel bus.

Charities & foundations supported

Woody Harrelson has supported the following charities:

Chandler Sky
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