Korean Film Nights 2019 continue with season 2: “Love Without Boundaries” – 4 July to 8 August

Korean Film Nights continue with a second season for 2019 “Love Without Boundaries” – a programme of titles exploring Korean cinema’s bold exploration of romantic relationships existing on society’s margins. From the 4th of July to the 8th of August.

This season is programmed in collaboration with the Birkbeck Film Programming and Curating Ma course.

Love, in its many guises, has always been a central concern in cinema. From the long-established vision presented in Hollywood studio pictures to the local dialect of any national cinema, romance has always had a place on film. Outside of cinema’s mainstream however, many exemplary filmmakers have long strove to represent a range of transgressive love stories in their work, bucking the idealised view codified in typical cinema fare. Delving deep into the key works from Korean cinema that have pushed against socially-accepted views of love and relationships, our season seeks to offer a
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