The 100 Season 6: Sara Thompson on Josephine's Journey, Her Backstory, and More

The current season of The 100 wouldn't be as memorable if it wasn't for a character like Josephine Lightbourne, hallowed be her name, defining it.

The twist though came from all the different takes that the audience got on the character, with multiple actors taking on that role.

But it was the original scene-stealing actress, Sara Thompson, who first introduced the ruthless and fascinating Josephine that would inflict total chaos on our favorite female lead.

Sara managed to intrigue us with a simple flashback, and from then on we got the privilege of seeing her grace our screens in a unique portrayal of Josephine in her shared mind-space with Clarke Griffin.

And while Josephine was killed by the joint effort of Clarke and Bellamy (and Gabriel) during The 100 Season 6 Episode 10, her legacy still likes on and so does the hope that we will see her again.

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