V.C. Andrews' Web of Dreams Review: Brave Angel, Histrionics, & Bittersweet Tragedies!

It's the end of the road. 

The V.C. Andrews Casteel Family drama comes to a close with Web of Dreams, the final installment of the series. 

The latest addition took us back to the beginning to meet the woman at the heart of the VanVoreen Casteel Tatterton Stonewall family tree of snarled limbs and dark leaves. 

It was actually good. After our exclusive interview with Jennifer Laporte, it seemed as though Web of Dreams would have a different tone from the others. 

Finally, we met and followed Leigh VanVoreen Casteel's journey from a young daddy's girl with her whole life ahead of her to a young woman who beat odds and met a bittersweet end. 

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It's what we were waiting for after Heaven and Annie got too sidetracked to delve into Leigh's history.
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