“The Laundromat” Is A Disappointing Misfire From Steven Soderbergh

The pairing of Scott Z Burns and Steven Soderbergh is usually a very promising one. Unfortunately, for their fourth collaboration, the writer and the director are way off of the mark. The Laundromat attempts to combine some of the methods of their previous team ups, but this would be satirical comedy/expose falls incredibly flat. Initially pegged as a potential Academy Award vehicle for Netflix, this should instead just have a final resting place buried among the streaming service’s movie options, where it actually is hitting today. Burns’ own impending outing The Report is tremendous, while Soderbergh even had another Netflix effort earlier this year in High Flying Bird that was spectacular. This one just doesn’t measure up. The film is a look at the lead up to and leaking of the 2016 Panama Papers publication, which revealed a huge money laundering scheme by a Panama City law firm
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