Seeing Palestinian Pain as Art at the Other Israeli Film Festival (Guest Blog)

  • The Wrap
As I sit here, writing about Palestinian films and The Other Israeli Film Festival, rockets lobbed from Gaza are falling once again in Israel, wreaking havoc and terror. The rockets do not fall on deaf ears — instead they are the percussive anthem that scores the Middle East while shaping the futility of peace. We are compelled to listen. We must listen. As Israelis and Arabs take cover, they are joined in the fallacy that existence is war. I grew up being told to hate my enemy. As a Jew who was far removed from Israel, I finally traveled there only to find Arabs and Israelis walking together, eating together, speaking and loving together.

Not all of them, just those visible to an American in search of an answer.

If The Other Israeli Film Festival, now underway in New York City, accomplishes anything, it is that art is inclusive and film
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