Netflix Says The Irishman Was Watched By 26.4 Million People Worldwide

You’ve seen people watch it on their Peloton, you’ve seen people watch it on their phones, and heck, I even saw one guy who watched it on his Nintendo DS! Regardless of how they’re watching it, though, people all across the world have gone gaga for The Irishman, a slow-burn rumination on regret that clocks in at three-in-a-half hours. How many people, exactly, have watched Martin Scorsese’s latest triumph? Well, per Netflix, just a hair over 26 million folks have seen the digitally-de-aged exploits of a house painter.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s current content chief, was speaking at the Ubs Global Tmt conference over the weekend. Offering an update on viewership of De Niro’s best acting since Bad Grandpa, Sarandos stated the exact number of viewers to be 26, 404,081. That means all of those people watched at least 70% of the movie, that being the threshold that Netflix counts as a “view.
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