Drive-In Dust Offs: The Carpenter (1988)

We all have fantasies, yes? Some are sexual in nature, some posit us as the hero, and some are us looking for comfort and safety in whatever form to protect us from a terrifying world. Enter The Carpenter (1988), a weird slasher that offers wish fulfillment to those who want to be rid of pesky disturbances, like cheating husbands or lazy construction workers.

Premiering at the Montreal World Film Festival in late August before heading direct to video, The Carpenter was written off as yet another (albeit late) entry in the hack ‘em up subgenre. So it was, as per custom, pretty much ignored to gather dust on discerning video shelves everywhere. However, it does hold a peculiar charm due its dreamlike structure and a typically winning performance from Wings Hauser (Vice Squad).

Martin (Pierre LenoirThe Day After Tomorrow) comes home from work to find his wife Alice (Lynne Adams
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