Marvel Says They Won’t Use CGI To Bring Back Dead Actors In McU

The use of de-aging technology is continuing to pop up in more and more movies. Particularly, Marvel ones. In fact, they just did it to the late great Stan Lee.

The first time I can remember seeing it though was in X-Men: The Last Stand when Professor X and Magneto’s faces looked considerably shiny and smooth. Creepy would be another word to describe it. Then, four years later, we got a younger Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy. And again, it didn’t look great. It looked like they ported a video game version of Bridges into a live-action movie. Perhaps that was the whole point though since the plot of the movie is Bridges’ character becoming stuck inside his own game. Wait…does that mean the filmmakers intentionally made him look like that? Did I just completely miss that in the film? Moving on.

It wasn’t until Ant-Man
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