The Witcher Team Spent Months Working On Henry Cavill’s Impressive Wig

Besides location scouting, casting, scriptwriting and the myriad other components that go into planning a successful TV show, one other all-important aspect of Netflix’s The Witcher consumed an awful lot of time.

If you’ve ever seen a picture of Henry Cavill, you’ll likely know that the actor is far from sprouting any grey hairs. Geralt of Rivia’s impressive mane, on the other hand, is as white as a sheet, meaning costume designers were faced with two options. Go the CGI route – which, incidentally, has caused its fair share of problems for Cavill in the past – or craft one hell of a convincing wig for the actor to wear. We know, of course, that the team ultimately went for the latter, but just how difficult was it, replicating the White Wolf’s iconic look?

Well, according to showrunner Lauren Hissrich, the process wasn’t as simple as
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