Katy Keene Is No Riverdale, And That's a Good Thing!

Katy Keene Is No Riverdale, And That's a Good Thing!
When you first heard about a Riverdale spinoff, you likely didn't expect a series revolving around the fashion and music industry, but that's exactly what you get with The CW's Katy Keene.

Devoid of murders and darkness, the series (based on the Archie Comics), spearheaded by Lucy Hale in the role of the titular character, shines bright amidst the supernatural vibes of its sister shows, Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the often supernatural lineup embraced on The CW.

In place of those murder mysteries that tend to envelop the residents of Riverdale, Katy Keene sets the stage for a coming-of-age tale that propels themes of hopefulness, following your destiny, and chasing every opportunity.

Some of us -- the ones that were old enough to have watched Gossip Girl and Sex and the City when it aired live, anyway -- might say that the series is the younger sister
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