An Academy Election? It’s Like Speed-Dating In The Dark

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An Academy Election? It’s Like Speed-Dating In The Dark
If you think the Oscar voting process is weird—with all those short lists, screening deadlines, members-only streaming arrangements, branch nominations, and hors d’oeuvres counts (or whatever passes for the latest feeding restrictions)—you’ll be wholly befuddled by the latest Board of Governors election at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The rules have changed (again). This year, candidates for the 17 open slots on a 54-member board self-submit their names, go through no qualifying round, and are elected on a branch-by-branch preferential ballot with up to five ranked choices, like the annual Best Picture vote. The first candidate in a branch to get 50% of the vote plus one is a winner.

As for the rest of the process, well, it’s kind of like speed-dating in the dark.

Nearly as this mere outsider can tell, here’s how the election, which gets underway at 9 Am Pt this morning,
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