The Mandalorian Will Reportedly Become A [Spoilers] In Season 3

The Mandalorian Will Reportedly Become A [Spoilers] In Season 3
As the only Star Wars project in the Disney era that doesn’t have Kathleen Kennedy’s fingerprints all over it, although that reportedly isn’t from a lack of trying, it hasn’t exactly come as a surprise that The Mandalorian has received the most widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike.

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni clearly know the source material inside out, and the first season of the show was like a breath of fresh air for a franchise that seemed determined to lean on ties to the Original Trilogy for as long as humanly possible. However, the upcoming second run of episodes is set to delve a little deeper into the franchise’s extended canon, with the introduction of several fan favorite characters from the animated shows that look set to lay the foundation for the next generation of Star Wars stories.

The Mandalorian Director Reveals
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