20 best TV politicians ranked

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20 best TV politicians ranked
Another election year has rolled around, and it’s time again to muck our way through mudslinging to hopefully choose the right candidate to represent our views and our needs.

Throughout history, in our own country as well as the rest of the year, there have been great leaders who have left a mark and are remembered for accomplishments that helped their society to progress. However, there are also leaders who, in an effort to reach their own power-hungry goals, left their people to fend for themselves, often leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. On television, we have seen both types of government heads: President Bartlet, Lieutenant Governor DuBois, Secretary of State (later President) McCord, all of whom are flawed, but are trusted public servants with the best interest of the people at heart. Then there’s President Grant, VP then Potus Meyer, Mayor Quimby, Claire Underwood and
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