Jennifer West Introduces Her Film "Film Title Poem"

Jennifer West Introduces Her Film
Jennifer West's Film Title Poem (2016) is exclusively showing July 7 - August 8, 2020 on Mubi.It is my great pleasure to introduce Film Title Poem, an etched, hand-painted 35mm digitized film comprised of collaged words, images, patterns and glitches shot from over 500 movie title cards to a musical soundtrack. It is a psychic montage of my inner-history of film in alphabetical order—that I hope you will compare your own cinema-lover list to, noting what is missing from mine—or attempting to write your own top 100 or 300 or 500 film list for the first time: your “collection” of films and the memories they are connected to. An audience member once compared this film to creating a collection of music or books—and that it is, but entirely ephemeral born out of a genuine and continued deep love for watching movies and films of all sorts—discussing them, connecting them with phases and
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