Muppets Now Episode 1 Review: Due Date

Muppets Now Episode 1 Review: Due Date
There are some franchises that stand the test of time. Superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, get rebooted and recreated over and over again. Looney Tunes and Mickey Mouse’s crew are technically the same characters over time, but the art styles and personalities shift by the generation and evolve, for better or worse. The Muppets, on the other hand, are always meant to be the same. They’re the same characters from the 70s with the same designs and dynamics. It’s not about rebooting the brand, but finding new settings for them.

The Muppets have persevered in different concepts, like hosting a meta variety show, starring in various movies, doing one hell of a Christmas special, having their own dated 4D Disney World show, and being reimagined as cartoon babies. Disney has been trying to figure out how to make them relevant in modern times,
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