‘Baby Frankenstein’ Review

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‘Baby Frankenstein’ Review
Stars: Ian Barling, Cora Savage, Rance Nix, Andre Gower, Mike Rutkoski, Bill Rutkoski, Patrick McCartney, Eileen Rosen, Yannis Stergiopoulos | Written by Mike Rutkoski | Directed by Jon YonKondy

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from this movie based on the title alone. Perhaps some weird Frankenstein spin-off? Or maybe a twisted zombie tale? Or a comedy horror? What I wasn’t expecting was a family friendly Halloween-themed ‘horror’ movie, but that’s kind of what I got with Baby Frankenstein.

Lance (Ian Barling) stumbles upon ‘Baby Frankenstein’ and the two almost instantly embark on a kind of older/younger brother relationship. But it turns out there’s a $50,000 award for the ‘little dude’ and Lance along with his next door neighbour Truth (Cora Savage) must stop his mother’s boyfriend of sorts from capturing him and getting the money.

The story sounds about as ridiculous as it is but
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