Young Wallander Ending Explained: Who Killed Hugo Lundgren?

Young Wallander Ending Explained: Who Killed Hugo Lundgren?
Warning: contains Young Wallander finale spoilers.

Kurt Wallander’s first murder case left him disillusioned and questioning the point of it all. He’d solved the murder and identified the culprit, but was justice done? Was it hell.

After spending weeks discovering who was behind the murder of Malmo teenager Hugo Lundgren – time in which he was beaten up, stabbed, saw his best friend in Intensive Care, and lost his mentor – Wallander was left wondering if any of it had made a jot of difference. The killer was shielded by wealth and status and would likely slide out of his cuffs thanks to expensive lawyers and shady deals.

It was too much for Wallander to take. Unable to keep his emotions separate from his work, he decided he wasn’t suited to police life and quit the Malmo polisen, never to investigate again.

Wallander’s efforts in the six-part Netflix
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