How ‘Supernatural’ Filmed Its Final Episodes During Covid-19 (Exclusive)

How ‘Supernatural’ Filmed Its Final Episodes During Covid-19 (Exclusive)
In 15 seasons of “Supernatural,” Sam and Dean Winchester have fought vampires and demons, they’ve been to hell and they’ve died a lot. But would the show survive Covid-19? It was a very real question after the Vancouver-based production shut down on March 13 because of the coronavirus pandemic, one day into filming the series’ penultimate episode. After successfully filming 325 episodes of the show since it premiered in September 2005 on The WB, a network that no longer even exists, was “Supernatural” really going to end its run without a proper finish?

There was no need to worry. The show’s loyal fandom will, in fact, get the ending they’ve been waiting for. One week ago, “Supernatural” completed production on its series finale, bringing the story of the Winchester brothers — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) — to a close. British Columbia, where the show films, has handled coronavirus well,
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