White Riot Review

White Riot Review
The complicated and often ugly relationship between punk rock and racism has provided ample material for musicians, academics, and filmmakers alike. From the lyrics of The Dead Kennedys to Shane Meadows’ This is England, the genre of music has repeatedly tried to confront its unfortunate associations with white supremacy. White Riot captures a key moment in that confrontation, charting the foundation of Rock Against Racism up to its 100,000-man march against the Nazi League in 1978. A march that culminated in an open-air concert featuring the likes of X-Ray Spex, Steel Pulse and of course The Clash, playing their titular hit.

Before that though we land smack dab in the middle of London at a time when (shockingly) hostility towards immigrants and ethnic minorities was finding a following in British politics. When Enoch Powell was talking about forcing migrants onto boats and the National Front was rising in the polls. It
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