Five of the Best Movies Featuring High Roller Casinos

Five of the Best Movies Featuring High Roller Casinos
High roller casinos are defined as those that allow players to make larger than usual bets. There is no specific definition of what constitutes a high roller, although typically casinos would class those that wager around £100 or more per hand as high rollers. There are various perks offered to high rollers by casinos to tempt them to return. People who regularly bet large sums of money in one particular casino can expect to receive a number of perks, which might include free luxury accommodation, transport to the casino by private jet and complimentary food and drink throughout the stay.

The higher the amounts being gambled, the better the perks are likely to be. People love to watch high rollers play – the thrill of watching someone risking thousands of dollars on a single have of cards cannot be beaten. Many filmmakers tap into this desire to watch high rollers by featuring casino scenes in movies,
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