1st Odi: Protesters barge into Scg holding 'No $1B Adani Loan' signs

Sydney, Nov 27 (Ians) The first Odi between Australia and India on Friday suffered a brief disruption as a group of protesters invaded the pitch at the Sydney Cricket Ground (Scg) holding placards saying 'No $1B Adani Loan'.

Two people made their way into the centre fielding circle holding up cardboard signs before the start of the seventh over.

It took a while before the security guards reacted and escorted the protesters out of the field as players and umpires stood around wondering what was happening. The invaders were protesters against Adani Group and held 'No $1B Adani Loan' sign.

The front of the protesters' T-shirt read "#StopAdani", while at the back, it said "Stop Coal. #StopAdani. Take Action."

According to Fox Sports, a group named 'Stop Adani' on Friday issued a press release, urging the State Bank of India (Sbi) not to approve a loan of $1 billion Australian dollars to Adani.
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