Kathy Bates Rumored For Role In DC’s New Gods Movie

Kathy Bates Rumored For Role In DC’s New Gods Movie
A lot of people have probably forgotten the movie is even in development given that we’ve heard so little about the project since it was first officially announced in March 2018, but Ava DuVernay’s New Gods is very much still in the works. The last bit of real news we got surrounding the DC adaptation was back in May, though, when the Selma director took to social media and revealed that the fourth draft of the script was currently being written.

Of course, many fans are skeptical about the chances of New Gods even making it to the big screen at all, after the history of the Dceu has been littered with movies getting announced and then quickly being forgotten about completely, but thanks to HBO Max, there’s currently a whole host of comic book content in the works, reinforcing the notion that Warner Bros. are positioning superhero stories as a main priority.
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