Star Trek: Discovery Review: There and Back Again

Star Trek: Discovery Review: There and Back Again
There was a moment while watching Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 13 when I suddenly imagined that this is what Game of Thrones would look like in space.

After all, suddenly we have swords and emperors and moon-doors (oh my!), and with disrupter fire all over the place, people are being zapped out of existence about as quickly as George R.R. Martin tends to off his fans' favorites.

The writers worked a lot of exposition into the dialogue, which tended to slow the pace (but they made up for it with some excellent fight scenes.)

First, we have Lorca's backstory on how he got zapped into the Prime Universe. Darned transporter malfunctions. Anyone keeping count on how many times in Trek canon, transporters have been the cause of major snafus?

What's interesting is what they leave unsaid. If the transporter malfunction switched their signatures, Prime-Lorca beamed onto the Mirror-Buran just as
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