Shameless, a short film is one everyone should see!

Shameless, a short film is one everyone should see!
If 2020 has taught us anything it is the importance of kindness in a world reeling from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In the midst of it all, hitting home the point of compassion comes the impactful trailer of Shameless, an upcoming fast-paced dark comedy thriller packed in 15 minutes. Its tight plot touches upon the fact that people are losing human connection and becoming rude and isolated due to social media and technology.

Shameless is eligible for the 93rd Oscar Consideration in the “live action short film” category at the 2021 Academy Awards. Shameless is about human behaviour and the loss of human spirit caused due to our dependency on technology. A work-from-home guy is trapped by an apologetic delivery girl, raising questions on the issues of entitlement, humanity and empathy towards the migrant class.

Before being eligible for Oscar consideration, Shameless was a finalist at the recently concluded 3rd edition of the
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