Short Film Review: Exhalation (2010) by Edmund Yeo

Short Film Review: Exhalation (2010) by Edmund Yeo
In many ways a companion piece to “Inhalation”, which was also released in 2010, Edmund Yeo’s “Exhalation” tackles a more philosophical topic through another theme, in this case the dramatic shift in terms of lifestyles in rural and urban areas of a country. Co-produced in Japan, where the story of the movie takes place, “Exhalation” was screened at the 40th edition of the Rotterdam International Film Festival along with Dubai International Film Festival. At its core, it is a story, as its title already suggests, about grief and various forms of dealing with the loss of a person, while also dealing with two former classmates re-uniting after many years apart for the funeral of a former student they both seem to barely remember.

“Exhalation” is streaming on Mubi

After graduation, best friends Sayuri (Tomoe Shinohara) and Naoko (Kiki Sugino) wen separate ways in life with the former staying in their
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