‘Impact Wrestling’ Review (Feb 16th 2021)

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‘Impact Wrestling’ Review (Feb 16th 2021)
Welcome to this week’s Impact Wrestling review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and Neil Diamond has a mushy tushy. Have you ever screwed a snow-man? Have you ever banged a reindeer? Have you ever boinked a bagel? Have you ever…Gaaaaaakkkkkkk!!!!! Ivan Drago: You dumb. Me: Gaaaaakkkkkkkk!!!!!! Ivan Drago: Dumb dumb talk talk too too much much. I break you. Me: Gaaaakkkkk!!!!! If you kill…ki…Gaaaaakkkkk!!!!!…kill me, then you will never learn the secret to immortality! Ivan Drago: I Russian. You tell me…or I break you. Me: Come closer. The secret to immorality is…In The Navy! The Village People: In The Navy! You can dress like a skank! In The Navy! You can have a good yank! In The Navy! You’ll thrust a man on your plank! In The Navy! In The Navy! Ivan Drago: In The Navy! I wear my mother’s dress!
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