Link Tank: Do You Love the Depths of the Ocean?

Link Tank: Do You Love the Depths of the Ocean?
Self-styled “creative coder” and creator of, Neal Agarwal, has made the ocean depths of Planet Earth scrollable on the internet.

Titled “The Deep Sea,” the interactive page features over ten thousand meters of the ocean depths that visitors can access via scrolling, interspersed with stories and facts about known sea and deep sea critters, sunken ships, and even one daring submarine journey. Neal’s other projects on the same site include a fascinating perspective on the size of space, an all-encompassing life checklist, a forecast of outer space events, and more.

Scroll The Deep Sea here.

Are you one of those people who hate the word “moist”? Here’s the science behind why the word seems so unappealing.

“People really do not like discussing moisture. A Buzzfeed post called ‘Why Moist Is The Worst Word Ever’ received more than 4 million views; when The New Yorker asked readers to
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