Film Studios Could Adopt ‘Mix-and-Match’ Theatrical Model After Covid-19

Film Studios Could Adopt ‘Mix-and-Match’ Theatrical Model After Covid-19
With big-budget blockbusters like “Wonder Woman 1984” and “Mulan” launching simultaneously online and in theaters, streaming has “pushed into its own white space” and is unlikely to vacate that space any time soon, according to Ampere Analysis’ Guy Bisson.

Speaking during a European Film Market opening session at Berlinale, Bisson outlined some of the major tremors which have shaken the global film and TV industry over the last year. Arguably chief among them is the shifting value of windows which has been accelerated by the pandemic and the streaming boom.

“That PVOD content, some of those theatrical releases put content where streaming has yet to tread: in the premium blockbuster theatrical release window. That, of course, fed into the wider cycle of (streaming) growth and audience shift,” Bisson said.

The question of whether major studios will persist with their straight-to-streaming model once the pandemic is over loomed as large over
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