Full Bloom: The Baron Under the Tree - "Vai~E~Vem" by João César Monteiro

Full Bloom: The Baron Under the Tree -
Study, nymphs, the spreading treesas you gather your flowers in their shade,how they were lovers in former daysand their trunks even now bear their loadof pain.—From Luís de Camões' "As doces cantilenas que cantavam"; To the Fawns, transl. Landeg WhiteFull Bloom is a series, written by Patrick Holzapfel and illustrated by Ivana Miloš, that reconsiders plants in cinema. Directors have given certain flowers, trees or herbs special attention for many different reasons. It’s time to give them the credit they deserve and highlight their contributions to cinema, in full bloom.Above: Ivana Miloš, Vuvu lusitanica (2021), monotype and gouache on paper, 33 x 24 cmWhen João César Monteiro sits on a bench under the protecting branches of the Cupressus lusitanica (Mexican Cypress) in Lisbon’s Jardim do Príncipe Real in his final film Vai~E~Vem, he is posing for an image that will survive him; an image bound to life and death,
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