Walker Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Rule Number 17

Walker Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Rule Number 17
Are we to believe there really aren't any long-standing arcs on this show?

There's barely been time for the news to circulate through the family that Emily's killer is free and the convicted man innocent.

But, by the end of Walker Season 1 Episode 9, Walker thought he'd caught the killer again.

The bad news is that Walker didn't get to kill Emily's murderer, which was the episode's whole point. Unless, of course, that blonde wasn't the killer, after all.

Geri returned, and Walker bought her explanation about taking a bad loan so easily that I couldn't believe it. Sure, they were old friends, but this isn't passing the sniff test.


Because while Walker and Capt. James had the blonde on the edge, with James urging Walker to let her live so they could find out what else she knew, she pulled a gun, and a lurking Geri killed her.
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