Mare of Easttown’s Saddest Moment Isn’t Even the Murder

Mare of Easttown’s Saddest Moment Isn’t Even the Murder
This article contains spoilers for Mare of Easttown episode 1.

There’s a dead body at the end of Mare of Easttown’s first episode. But you already knew that.

Even if you’ve not seen episode 1, “Miss Lady Hawk Herself”, you just intrinsically know that the HBO series starring Kate Winslet as an Eastern Pennsylvanian detective features a murder. That’s because crime dramas on television have developed a consistent, grim rhythm. From Broadchurch to True Detective to beyond, the first episode of any given crime drama will feature the discovery of a dead body.

The body in question will have belonged to a beautiful young person, often a woman, cut down in their prime. Detectives hover around the naked form with the same disappointed curiosity that one does for a cardinal that crashed into a window. Mare of Easttown episode 1 does not feature this exact scene, but it’s
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