Scavenger - Jennie Kermode - 16770

Scavenger - Jennie Kermode - 16770
A post-Apocalyptic hellhole, Mad Max-style. A kiosk, way out in the desert, selling meat of dubious origin. A black-clad woman with a bad attitude. This is a world in which all traces of civilisation have vanished but numerous weapons, strappy lingerie and Rosetta Stone cassette tapes have still somehow survived. It's the setting for a tale of bloody revenge, and whilst the result cannot be described as a quality piece of cinema, connoisseurs of grindhouse will appreciate it for what it is.

That black-clad woman is Tisha (Nayla Churruarin), and she has a secret, a horror buried deep in her past. We get a fleeting glimpse of it at the start, in footage too cleverly shot and edited for the messiness of what comes afterwards to be reckoned accidental. She's looking for someone, and the man at the meat kiosk might be able to help. She's a professional assassin,
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