The Djinn - Jennie Kermode - 16782

The Djinn - Jennie Kermode - 16782
What is done cannot be undone.

In the most famous text on djinn, al-Tabasi's Shamil, there are two ways to approach their invocation in sorcery. One is with pure intent, in the path of God. The other is with self-interest, contrary to God's plan. It's not always as easy to distinguish the two as you might think. That's why it's vital for anyone engaging with magic to have a good understanding of themselves - and if they don't have that when they begin, they'd better figure it out quickly.

David Charbonier and Justin Powell's film doesn't do much explaining of matters like this. There is only one scene involving heavy exposition, and that's simply a discovery of rules, intended to startle and (at least briefly) overwhelm. As directors, they're more interested in showing than in telling. What they do show requires a bit of education if it is to be fully.
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