‘Aew Dark: Elevation – Episode 18’ Review

‘Aew Dark: Elevation – Episode 18’ Review
Welcome to Nerdly, I’m Phil and this is a review of this week’s Aew Dark: Elevation, the eighteenth episode of Aew’s “developmental” brand which – this week – has been stacked with matches featuring some of Aew’s biggest names. So much for developmental!

Match #1: Thunder Rosa def. Dreamgirl Ellie

My Thoughts: Thunder Rosa gave Dreamgirl Ellie a lot of leeway in this match, reverting back to her standard “let your opponent put in the work and showcase themselves before squashing them” routine after the past few weeks doing traditional squash matches.

My Score: 2 out of 5 Match #2: Matt Hardy def. Fuego Del Sol

My Thoughts: I can’t believe I have to give a Matt Hardy match a decent score. But I do. Why? Because Guego Del Sol matches get top-ranking scores all the time here on Nerdly. Am I biased? Yes. But I absolutely love Fuego…
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