The Twilight Saga: Best Movie Watch Order

The Twilight Saga: Best Movie Watch Order
Are we in the midst of a Twilight-naissance? All five movies from the vampire romance are now available to stream on Netflix, giving old and new viewers alike the excuse to visit the overcast world of Forks, Washington, and dive into the love story of brooding vampire Edward Cullen and clumsy human teenager Bella Swan.

But unlike other film franchises, the order of The Twilight Saga is not super intuitive. Although the films are chronological, aside from the final two films in the franchise, they aren’t numbered, which can leave viewers who haven’t read the books a bit confused.

If you’re new to the sometimes-sparkly world of Twilight and need some help figuring out which order to watch these films, we’ve got you…

Twilight (2008)

Director: Catherine Hardwicke

Writer: Melissa Rosenberg

Um, watch Twilight first. This first installment in the film series follows Bella as she first arrives in Forks,
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