Five Inspirations: Ayo Akingbade

Five Inspirations: Ayo Akingbade
Five Inspirations is a series in which we ask directors to share five things that shaped and informed their film. The series Becoming and Belonging: An Ayo Akingbade Focus is exclusively showing on Mubi in many countries starting July 21, 2021. Fire in My BellyInspiration #1Homework (Abbas Kiarostami (1989)Schoolchildren. Coming of age. I liked the interview set-ups and how naturalistic it all felt. I heart Kiarostami.

Inspiration #2The HeptonesOne of my favourite rocksteady reggae bands, I listen to them often. Whilst filming the party scene in Dear Babylon their song ‘Love Me Always’ was played non-stop. Inspiration #3LandI had the pleasure of assisting Annabel a few years ago—her work is brilliant. I deeply admire the book, which features photographs partly shot in and around Homerton, Hackney in the late 90s and early 2000s. That’s how I remember the place to be.Inspiration #4Richard Dumas' portraits of Alaïa's Kitchen (1989)I came
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