‘Cops and Robbers’ DVD Review

‘Cops and Robbers’ DVD Review
Stars: Michael Jai White, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Tom Berenger, Patrick Kilpatrick, Victoria Pratt, Chuck Zito, Gillian White, Randy Wayne | Written and Directed by Scott Windhauser

Cops and Robbers stars Michael Jai White as a hostage negotiator who plays a high stakes game of cat and mouse with a cornered bank robber. As the two men learn each other’s identity, they realise they have a shared past, as estranged brothers do, with scores and grudges to be settled…

Can Micheal Jai White ever get a break? The man had obvious skills, both in acting and martial arts, which we’ve seen in a myriad of his previous films. However lately he seems to have become stuck in a rut of appearing own small cameo roles in films or playing cop roles that don’t show off his skillset. Even when he does get to kick some ass his performance seems stifled.
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