‘Jungle Run’ DVD Review

‘Jungle Run’ DVD Review
Stars: Richard Grieco, Wade Hunt Williams, Benjamin Bernard, Christian DeJesus, Jamie Petitto, Jack Pearson | Written by Marc Gottlieb | Directed by Noah Luke

With Dwayne Johnson’s big-budget Jungle Cruise due out from Disney soon, The Asylum was sure to be ready with their own cash in. And sure enough, here comes Jungle Run starring Richard Grieco and a bunch of people you’ve probably never heard of before fighting creatures rendered with questionable CGI.

Lebecq captain’s a charter boat in Brazil. Like all jungle boat captains, he drinks heavily and leaves everything to his crew Sark (Benjamin Bernard; Messiah) and Teese (Christian DeJesus). Despite offering private charters he’s managed to charter his boat out to both Amanda and Vera (Jamie Petitto; Geek USA).

Amanda and her brother Scott (Jack Pearson; Shark Season) are searching for their missing father Nathan. Vera runs the company that sent him into the jungle.
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