What Superman & Lois Gets So Right About Clark Kent

What Superman & Lois Gets So Right About Clark Kent
This article contains some spoilers for recent Superman & Lois episodes.

In recent years, there’s been a lot of discussion within the world of geek pop culture about Superman – if modern audiences still respond to such a traditional do-gooder hero, whether the character should become a little rougher around the edges to remain relevant, or if we even still need stories about the Man of Steel when there are so many other iconic DC characters that have yet to make it to our screens in any form.

CW drama Superman & Lois does its best to stand as an answer to those sorts of questions, offering up a version of Superman that seems determined to remind us all why this character has long been DC Comics’ most iconic hero. Deliberately eschewing the frequently dour and violent aesthetic that has become a calling card of the Dceu’s take on the Man of Steel,
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