‘Jurassic Hunt’ DVD Review

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‘Jurassic Hunt’ DVD Review
Stars: Courtney Loggins, Tarkan Dospil, Ruben Pla, Joston Theney, Motown Maurice, Heath C. Heine | Written by Hank Braxtan, Jacoby Bancroft, Jeffery Giles | Directed by Hank Braxtan

Hank Braxtan has given us a genetically altered polar bear in Unnatural, a giant urban serpent in Snake Outta Compton and a dragon in Dragon Soldiers. And now he delivers the dinosaurs in his latest film, Jurassic Hunt. I wonder what took him so long?

A group of hunters, including Parker (Courtney Loggins; Give My Love To Rose), Valentine (Tarkan Dospil; 4 Minutes), Torres and African poacher and warlord Blackhawk, has been flown into a remote and hidden location. They’re there to hunt the biggest game of all, dinosaurs. Lindon manager of Jurassic Hunt welcomes them, gives them their choice of weapons and tags them all with a tracking device, “Just in case”.

However, something has gone very wrong. On their first night in the park,
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