Venice Review: ‘Mona Lisa And The Blood Moon’

Venice Review: ‘Mona Lisa And The Blood Moon’
Real psychiatric hospitals haven’t used straitjackets for decades, but no self-respecting genre filmmaker is going to let that get in her way. From the moment Mona Lisa And The Blood Moon provides a ceiling’s-eye view of Jeon Jong-seo writhing on the white floor of her white hospital room, buckled up inside a canvas wrap, we know exactly where we are. Man, that chick is crazy, blip city! That’s what that straitjacket is telling you.

So! In comes a trash-talking blonde who makes Nurse Ratched look like Mother Teresa; after calling straitjacket-girl stupid and hitting her head a couple of times, she pulls out a pedicure set full of sharp things for slicing off horny toenails. Big mistake, lady! Don’t think that old constraint garment is going to save you, because Mona Lisa can make you do anything she wants. Yes, she can make you stab yourself if she likes,
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