Review: National Film and Sci-Fi Museum

Review: National Film and Sci-Fi Museum
The National Film & Sci-Fi Museum opened its doors this August and I finally got around to visiting this weekend. The museum is located in Milton Keynes, right in the town centre. I still can’t believe the town where I was born and live is the home of the national anything. Let alone something I have an interest in!

It is good to see both a use of a space that was otherwise going to ruin and a new business venture coming to life during the pandemic. Before going into detail I can safely say the museum is well worth the price of admission. Being ‘film & sci-fi’ makes it much more encompassing of what is on display. I would be the first person to admit there are parts of sci-fi I just have no time for, so this was of benefit to me. Currently there are a lot of franchises
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