‘The Haunting of Hythe House’ VOD Review

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‘The Haunting of Hythe House’ VOD Review
Stars: Luke Stevenson, Michelle Archer, J. Taviner, Silas Welsh, Nicholas Taviner, Louisa Warren, Taylor Rae Papworth | Written and Directed by Steven M. Smith

Judging by his latest film, The Haunting of Hythe House, writer/director/producer Steven M. Smith is a little upset that his films haven’t been getting good reviews. And while I’m sure making it made him feel better, I have my doubts that it’s the best way to deal with the problem.

Danny aka Danny the Destroyer, does film reviews on some social media platform, we’re not told which. He loves to post shit about indie films and it’s gotten him ten million followers. We see him watching what looks like scenes from some of the director’s other films and hear what he’s posting about them.

That is until a voice informs him that he’s been hacked in retaliation
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