‘Stranger Things’ Teases Season 4 With Creepy New Location

‘Stranger Things’ Teases Season 4 With Creepy New Location
The long promotional campaign for “Stranger Things” Season 4 added a harrowing new wrinkle on Saturday with a first look at the “Creel House” — i.e. the home of new character Victor Creel, played by 1980s horror icon Robert Englund (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”). Creel has been imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital since his family was violently murdered in the 1950s, which Creel blamed on a vengeful demon.

Of course, no one believed him at the time, but since Creel is a character on “Stranger Things,” it’s seems safe to say the Upside Down has been haunting Hawkins far longer than anyone realized.

Englund, however, doesn’t appear in the preview; instead, it starts with a flashback of the Creel family moving into their gorgeous new home in the 1950s. But then lights begin to flicker mysteriously. The daughter finds a disemboweled bunny on their front lawn. And suddenly,
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