You Showrunner Sera Gamble Anticipates Even More "Trouble" Is Coming to Joe in Season 4

You Showrunner Sera Gamble Anticipates Even More
Warning: Spoilers ahead! You has taken Penn Badgley's Joe Goldberg from the east coast to the west coast, before plopping him and Love (Victoria Pedretti) in the middle of suburbia. But, at the conclusion of season three, Joe ended up a widow and in an entirely foreign place: Paris, France. In a conversation with E! News, showrunner Sera Gamble said that it wasn't actually the writers who came up with this twist ending. She shared, "That's Greg Berlanti just texting me his idle thoughts on a Thursday night, [which] turned out to be great ideas that excite the entire writers room and then we write toward them all season." Berlanti's plan makes sense considering...
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