Dune: The Sardaukar Are Scarier Than You Realize

Dune: The Sardaukar Are Scarier Than You Realize
This article contains Dune spoilers.

At a glance it feels like we’ve seen this song and dance before. An army of white-armored soldiers stand in perfect square formations beneath the comings and goings of Offworld spaceships. They’re soldiers; the supposed elite; the Emperor’s very own Sardaukar hit squad. But to anyone who’s watched a Star Wars movie or nine, they’re not that threatening, right? This supposed scourge off the Empire—excuse me, Imperium—is built up to be unbeatable until our protagonists start mowing them down by the dozen.

Well, as it turns out the Sardaukar of Frank Herbert and Denis Villeneuve’s Dune are no Stormtroopers, and anyone who thinks otherwise can ask the ghost of Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa) for proof. Yes, the loyal Atreides man stood bravely against the Sardaukar until the end, and even took a solid handful of them to
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