Tebogo Malebogo Introduces His Film "Heaven Reaches Down to Earth"

Tebogo Malebogo Introduces His Film
Tebogo Malebogo's Heaven Reaches Down to Earth is showing exclusively on Mubi in most countries starting January 27, 2022 in the series Brief Encounters.Cinematographer Jason Prins (left) and director Tebago Malebogo (right).Heaven Reaches Down to Earth was created during a spate of homophobic killings in our country. I was aware that the film would likely be viewed through this lens and believed it was always going to live in that context in my mind. Our expectations of queer romance narratives, as filmmakers, had found their way into even early iterations of the story, and I reverted to the idea that a film like ours had to have “external” conflict. Our characters would have to go against tradition, their parents, their friends, society, or culture for their attraction to thrive. It felt like everywhere I looked in my country, queer people were and continued to be victims of violence, so
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