"Eve's Bayou" in One Shot

One Shot is a series that seeks to find an essence of cinema history in one single image of a movie. The mirror reflects a curious and alarming scene: in the foreground, Mozelle, a young woman, and Eve, a little girl, gaze wide-eyed at the men standing behind them. One of the men holds a gun to the chest of the other. The shot embodies the seamless ambition of Kasi Lemmons’s directorial debut Eve’s Bayou (1997), the tale of the Batistes, a haunted Creole family plagued by the careless philandering of their patriarch. Eve (Jurnee Smollett) has already caught her father making love to his mistress—a poorly kept secret in any case—but by now rage has eclipsed heartbreak as she helplessly watches her family unravel. Her aunt Mozelle (Debbi Morgan) seeks to impart upon the child an unconventional lesson in grace by revealing her own past infidelity: she had planned,
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